The Purpose of this Site

This website is intended to inform the reader on many aspects of the martial art of Krav Maga. It started out in Israel and has now grown to become one of the most popular forms of fighting training in the world.

If you are considering learning Krav Maga then it is hoped that our site will give you everything you need to know what the martial art is all about. We detail the main ethos and origins of it as well as how it has developed and evolved.

There are many different federations and schools that teach Krav Maga. Some are great resources that can change your life. However some are wholly inadequate. The site gives advice on how to choose the best training sessions for you and what to look for when you first begin researching them.

There is also a section detailing the history and current legal issues surrounding real world and online gambling within the country of Israel. This is a useful article for those who want to be further informed of what forms of betting are legal with this country.

Our site also talks about the rich history of Krav Maga. We talk about how it grew from a defence for Jewish communities in the thirties to the popular sport it is today and how it continues to grow.

Types of Articles on this Site

  • Krav Maga Federations
  • The History of the Martial Art
  • Gambling in Israel
  • The Philosophy of Krav Maga