Gambling in Israel

Gambling Legislation

Israel is one of the many countries around the globe that have accepted gambling with open arms. Any gambling that does take place within this country is highly regulated by the government. However it should be stated that there is a fluidity to what is and is not acceptable.

For instance casino gambling is not permitted in Israel. Casino type betting games are allowed to take place in several cruise ships that dock at ports along the coast of Israel. On land sports betting is totally legal and permitted. So too is a national lottery which is very popular among citizens.

Online Betting

The government of Israel have taken steps to discourage people from gambling online. Consequently local businesses and companies are prohibited from hosting casino web games. This means that online gambling is not as common and popular as other countries that have a more lax stance towards it.

Currently Israeli citizens are only legally allowed to be play online casino games if they are:

  • Sponsored by the government
  • Hosted outside of the country

Despite the restrictions there are still over 100 casino online websites that operate in the Hebrew language. Online gambling games also allow users to bet in Israeli Shekels. This shows that Israeli citizens are being specifically targeted as a market for online casino games.

In 2005 legislation was created that solidified the ban of online casino gambling and real world betting games. Specifically the legislation prevented backgammon from being played within shops in Israel. In addition to formal legislation, there is are also guides like best live blackjack guides that help outline best practices for players.

It also targeted websites that hosted games and the credit card companies that processed the transactions on these sites. However in 2007 an amendment was added that stated that backgammon gambling game website Play65 was excluded from this ban. Currently there is still much confusion over what forms of gambling are legal within Israel.