Krav Maga Philosophy 2

Not Your Standard Martial Art

When it comes to most competitive fighting sports there are several elements that are encouraged for learners to perfect. Improving is what earns a learner points and allows them to rise up in rankings to a belt promotion. These elements include:

  • Grace in their movement
  • Memorisation of choreography
  • Perfection of form

Krav Maga in comparison does not encourage this. There is nothing in the philosophy of Krav Maga that states that a good fighter needs to look good when executing their moves. On the contrary. A successfully employed defensive technique by a Krav Maga learner will look ugly and brutal.

Not For Tournaments

It was not designed to be used in a friendly competitive setting. The original purpose of Krav Maga was for the defence of people caught up in real world street violence. If the moves learnt in Krav Maga were to be employed in a legal competitive setting then it could have severe legal ramifications.

The purpose of Krav Maga is self preservation by any means necessary. When someone is confronted in the streets by an attacker then Krav Maga states that the safety of the attacker is of no importance whatsoever. In fact, Krav Maga states that the most important thing is to end the fight as quickly and efficiently as possible, even if that means that the attacker is caused severe injury or even killed by the defender.

“Self preservation” has different legal definitions depending on a person’s location. Krav Maga ignores these definitions. In this martial art self preservation goes back to primal basics. This means that a Krav Maga practitioner is encouraged to fight tooth and nail with animalistic aggression. They are told to base their attack and defensive moves on the in-built instincts that already exist within them.