The Philosophy Behind Krav Maga

The Main Ethos

The key philosophy behind Krav Maga is what separates it from many of the other popular forms of martial arts. Most other competitive fighting sports are governed by a strict set of rules and regulations that must be followed by the book at all times. In comparison Krav Maga is more flexible with those who learn it encouraged to do whatever is necessary to finish a fight.

Many of the other martial arts around the world focus on transforming the fighter into a warrior that yearns to achieve a level of spiritual enlightenment. This is most often the case for martial arts and fighting styles that originate from the region of Asia.

However, Krav Maga is different in that there is no spirituality involved at all. Its philosophy is simple: if you get into a fight do everything you can to defend yourself. Be as aggressive as you need to be. Do not show mercy. This makes Krav Maga one of the most dangerous martial arts in the world. It also makes it one of the most efficient.

This is the reason why Krav Maga has become popular all over the world in both military organisations and civilian communities. The fighting style is used by Hollywood in movies that show ruthless, dangerous killers take out multiple opponents. This can best be seen in the film Collateral where Tom Cruise plays a hitman who uses Krav Maga to dispatch a plethora of henchmen in a brutal fashion. There is no true morality to the philosophy of Krav Maga aside from the fact it should only be used in defence.

The Key Focus of Krav Maga

  • Cause as much damage as can be done to your opponent.
  • Finish the fight as quickly as possible.
  • Be as aggressive as possible and focus your defence on ruthless simplicity.